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NYC Breakdancers performing at US Open

You might have already caught us on a US Open Tennis Championship TV and online advertisement. This year, our NYC dancers crew came back for 2019 fan week.

Last August, people were flying from all over the world to New-York City to attend the 13-day long US Open Cup. In fact, the best tennis players were competing towards the US Open Grand Prize, won by the almost-unbeatable Rafael Nadal. But tennis was not the only sport to be enjoyed by the attendees of the event. Our very own NYC Breakdancers Crew stole the show a couple of times. Down on the main alley heading to the infamous Arthur Ashe Stadium where the biggest games were held, a big sign saying “Emphasis Entertainment” and 2 speakers were just waiting for our crew to kill the dancefloor with some headspins, air flares, flips, windmills, you name it! After a brief warm up to call people’s attention, we brought some real NYC Entertainment to life. The show had started, and our NYC street dancers Nebz, Thriller and Gabriel were captivating people of all ages with their amazing tricks and moves. I mean, how often do you walk into a tennis championship center to watch Nadal against Federer and you cross paths with someone spinning on their head? This is why they hired our breakdancers crew, to add that NYC spice! And because they loved it so much, we were back for another day, and who knows, maybe another year... Be on the lookout!

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