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We hope this F.A.Q was helpful and answered most of your questions.

For more answers/details
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  • How much space do the performers need?
    Depending on the performance you're interested in, and the numbers of performers hired, the space needed can vary. Ideally, while an around 15'x15' feet space would be enough for our dancers to rock a show, around 20'x20' is recommended for specialty performances such as our wheel act. In either case, we always recommend to allow for the largest space possible for a better experience. If you have any space concerns, just note it when contacting us.
  • What music will be played?
    We normally use instrumental break beats, which are caracterized by a high-energy up tempo/beat rhythm; However, every event is unique, if you have a theme, we will customize a track with music that reflects your theme. If you don't have a particular theme, we always choose upbeat tracks that will bring up the energy in the room.
  • Can we choose the music for the show?
    We are always open for suggestions and requests! We have a huge range of music options, but if you have a particular song that you would like us to perform to, we will consider all suggestions or request. Keep in mind that our shows require high energy music, for which we normally suggest to stick around up-beat, and up-tempo tracks. If you wish for us to consider a particular track that you would like us to perform to, just send us a link to it, or as an attachment on an email.
  • How many performers?
    The number of performers can vary from 1 to as many as the vision for the show recommends. For live dance performances, we usually recommend booking at least 3-5 dancers for an impactful performance. For specialty acts, we would be looking at a case-by-case basis as solos, duets and group acts are available.
  • How long is the performance?
    The performance(s) length will vary depending on how many dancers will be at the event, and the type of performance (featured show, opening act, various sets throughout the event, cocktail hour entertainment, grand entrance performance, etc.). We will work with you to find the best option for your event. Mostly, we can look at anywhere between a 3-minutes show to an event-long full of entertainment.
  • How long will the performers stay at the event?
    All of our performers are required to report to the event space, or shooting location at least an hour before their set showtime. When you hire our talent, we usually book them for the event lenght, and they normally stay for as long as they are adding up to your event or set (For events, that is usually about an hour post performance to meet and greet, dance with guests, and/or take pictures). With that in mind, you can count with at least 2 to 3 hours with the talent on site.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes, we offer full insurance for an event or set. If you choose to opt for insurance, please keep in mind that a $60 fee will be added to your final quote. All insurance policies are processed after a security deposit has been received for a booking.
  • What would the performers wear?
    Similar to the music choice, costumes will be chosen to match the theme of your event if there is one. Normally, old school Adidas tracksuits for an 80's theme, or new york vibe are always sure to rock, but with our range of options, we can work together to find the best fit for your event.
  • How about prices?
    Even though we wish our services were one size fits all, they are not. Rates vary depending on many factors that are unique to each client. A custom quote will let us take all of your circumstances into consideration. We would work with you to find the best solution for your situation. As a guideline, for our dance troupe, around $400 per dancer for local events in NYC and NJ on weekend nights is usual. For a specific quote tailored to your specific event, contact us.
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