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Sony / B&H #bealpha Photo Event 2019

Last month, our dancers Sarah, Michael, Gabriel and Mathilde attended an event hosted by Sony and B&H Photo at Hudson Mercantile NYC. As soon as they walked into the building, they knew they were in for a fun evening. Photographers, both amateurs and professionals from the Tri-State area were trying out the latest gear from Sony onsite to capture themed photo and video vignettes as well as dance sets performed by our 4 dancers. And what a best way to try out new gear than with entertainment with dancers? During this event, they performed on 2 different sets (LED tubes square & colored wall background) where they jumped, turned, spun on their head, and more than anything, amazed the audience in front of them. Performing and creating new connections with the B&H, Sony and the New York City photo community was a true pleasure and we can’t wait to share with you the next event we’ll be attending!

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