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One NYC Way to Propose

WE DANCED FOR A SURPRISE PROPOSAL!!! December is a special month for everyone, and specially for the New York entertainment scene. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, it’s easy to say that it’s a month full of celebrations, therefore, a month full of events for our NYC breakdancers crew. We get to perform dressed as Elfs, Santa Helpers, Santa Claus, and many more fun outfits. But this year, our client Eric made it extra special. He looked for dancers to hire, and decided to hire us to help him and perform for his surprise proposal!!! How exciting. For his location, he decided to propose his beloved Rose in one of New-York City’s most romantic spots: next to the carousel of Dumbo, overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. We were really excited to perform for his surprise proposal and we wanted to make this day a day him and Rose will remember their whole lives. The big day finally arrived. Our street dancers Gabriel, along with Eliud, Mickey, Nebz and Will arrived at the location with one goal in mind: making this proposal happen as smooth as possible! Gabriel turned up the speaker, and the performance started. The crowd started to get bigger and bigger, cheering for our NYC street dancers but no one had a clue that the performance they were looking at will end up being a proposal. At the end of the show, we asked for two volunteers to join us. Of course we already knew who we would pick. Gabriel then brought Eric and his future fiance to the center of the performing area, and our hearts started racing. The moment we were all here for was about to happen. There was no space for any potential hiccup. We then asked our lovers to turn around, as if someone was about to jump over their heads, and at that moment, Eric prepared his ring box. The guys in the back were ready, each one carrying a sign “Will” You” “Marry” “Me?”. Gabriel then asked Rose to turn around, because someone had a question for her. And there it was!!! Eric had his left knee down, the ring box open in his hand, the guys were holding the signs up in the air, and he asked Rose: Will you marry me? And guess what? SHE SAID YES! Everyone around them was screaming, cheering for our new fiancés! This is a moment that will hold a special moment in each performer’s heart. Being able to do what we love for such a special event means a lot. We then proceeded to take a few pictures with Eric and Rose, their family, and our very own NYC dancers holding the signs in a different way, that said: “You” “Will” “Marry” “Me”. This performance was a 2019 highlight for us, and we can’t wait to have another performance as special as this one. Congratulations to Eric and Rose!

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